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Our web designer & web developer team will listen to you and will create a wonderful and unique site: yours!

Behind an amazing website there's a detailed and accurate study. No details will be neglected.

After we create your website, you can access and modify your content anytime you want.

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Who we are

If you have already experience with Flazio, you probably know
our history!

Flazio is the easiest and fastest site builder, 100% Italian that allows anyone to create a website in just a few clicks.

In addition to the technical department, we have an Experience team composed by experienced designers and marketing managers, able to create and promote a perfect site tailored to your needs. Ready for your web challenge!

Do you need to start from scratch, or just a restyling? You are in the right place!

Who chose us

Hundreds of satisfied customers: whatever is your business, we have what you need!


Our Services

Choose your model and customise it by using a best-in-class Drag&Drop technology: you can modify whatever detail of your template.

E-Commerce Website

Incrementa le tue vendite sul web con un catalogo prodotti attraente e un pannello di gestione intuitivo e semplice.

Portfolio Website

Show your online activity the right way: simplicity and design in UI/UX will be your main website characteristics.

Professionale Website

A beautiful graphic experience, together with well-placed content will help you in show your company identity and values.

SEO Optimization

SEO Analysis, Keyword Strategy and monitoring: your website will rank high on the search engines.


We take care of the visual identity of your brand: easily recognizable, and able to create great relationships with your customers

Digital Marketing

We take care of your marketing activities on the web, on Google Adwords and Social Networks with captivating campaigns.


Our Team

Our beautiful team that will help you creating a stunning website!

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Antonella Fisichella
Account Manager

She is our customer delight manager.
Everybody wants her because she's an excellent problem solver. Cloning her is another problem to be solved. 

Dario Privitera

He turns customer requirements into stunning websites. In his free time he holds two laptops and use them as highly technological barbells.
Antonio Parlato
Marketing Manager

He's a marketing computer scientist or a scientific computer marketer. Holds the secret of many obscure web acronyms as CPC, SMM, SEO and WTF.
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Calogero MIlazzo

The fastest keyboard of the Web. Finds the right words for any website and answers to the emails at the speed of lound (light+sound, as he invented it).
Elisa Biondi

Front-end developer and front line customer support. She can solve things and make code (and customers) smile in a few sips & clicks.
Crunch Manager

Its acrobatic performances make the office (and the whole world, we strongly believe that!) a better place,  kibble by kibble.

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