E-COMMERCE | Customize the display

Click on the App Screen product, on the edit bar and the icon wheel.
From settings, you can make visible only the available products, ordering the display of products, set the number of lines of the text shown in the preview and the number of products visible per page. You can block purchases, show a search form on the left of the Screen Product, and add an animation to the images.
To Filter products, you can make visible the products that have a specific tag assigned, or a single product.
By Filters Category, you can make visible only the products to which you have assigned the selected category.
From the Product View, you can decide whether to display the product, after clicking on the thumbnail, a Pop-Up or in the specific page of your website. You can create a new page or select a page already exists. If you select a page already present, remember to enter the App Tab product.

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