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After you have added the App the Text on your page, double click on this APP and you can start writing! The text will be selected, and typing on the keyboard, you can delete it to insert your content. When you have completed entering text, click outside to save.


You will not have any limit to the number of characters to enter: when you have written enough, and if the number of characters entered exceeds the space of the App Text, you can decide whether to increase the size of the App to make it perfectly readable, the text , or whether to keep the sidebar navigation. I suggest you to increase the size of the App text, or to shorten the inserted content: the navigation bars side may not be appreciated by your visitors!

If you have writer's block and don't know how to start to write a text representative, you will be able to select one of our suggested texts. Are divided into categories and you simply click on the App and on the edit bar to scroll and select the text for you: we will put in automatic the your name or the name of your company!

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