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With Flazio you can optimize the website and improve the visibility of your website on search engines like Google.

There are many factors that can affect the correct indexing on the search engines, some of these are:
- originality of the contents (the text contained in other internet sites penalize the ranking on search engines);
- frequency of update of the content;
- title, description and keywords of the site and of individual pages;
- Application of the Tag to Search Console;
- upload the sitemap at Search Console;
- type of the domain.

Here is a brief guide to the use of the tools present in flazio.com for the purposes of positioning on search engines:

TAGs for website texts

The H1 tag is the universal tag to assign to the page's main title: it must be assigned to the element with the greatest relevance within the page (Google will in fact understand that the text with TAG H1 will have greater relevance on the page).

Tags are important to report to Google which content on the website will be more prominent. For example, you need to enter an H1 per page (the H1 corresponds to the title that is most relevant to the website). After H1, you can assign different tags, but no more than 2-3 h2 per page.
For example, on the home page of the Flazio website, the H1 is "Create your own fantastic Website" (you only need to enter one h1 per page and must include keywords).
On the same home page of Flazio.com there are several h2: How to create a professional website, Start immediately to create your website, Your mobile-friendly website.
Other subtitles are then entered in h3 up to paragraphs.

You can assign tags by clicking on the text component, select the text to tag and the white edit bar, click on the wheel icon and on the first edit field on the left.

Panel Search Engine Optimization

To start open the panel management that you find on the right and click on the wheel settings. By clicking on the “Indexing Site” you will be able to carry out the optimization basic-general of the site, and that of every single page.

a) the title of the website: must be fully explanatory of the service that you offer

b) description: a description full of keywords

c) key words: word, word key, words, etc.

d) tag webmaster tool: by connecting to the address

https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home you can observe the following procedure:

add your site; in the page where it was generated code to the webmaster tool you find the "Alternative Methods"; click on "HTML Tag - Add a meta tag to your site's home page."

By doing so, you will see something similar to this:<meta name="google-site-verification" content="dpZ9tn9WtTKD3KYBhxioXeDiXy7xjJ8nb6azq2vvng4" />This is the code you copy in the appropriate section. Such insertion is completed, click on save.

At the same time the insertion of the tag inside of the panel, Search Engine Optimization, you'll want to add the sitemap of your site to the Webmaster account Tool. From your profile to Webmaster Tools, click on Scan > Sitemap and then "Add/test Sitemap"; complete the modifiable part with the words "sitemap" and confirm by clicking on "Submit Sitemap".
Also in the panel search engine Optimization, you may click “submit sitemap” to ensure that your site is among the Google's index.
Click save and remember that Google will take some days to update the changes.

Now you'll want to repeat the same procedure for each page of the site. In fact, by clicking on the individual pages, you can enter the title, description and keywords of each page. Make sure you enter a title, explanatory of the same page and not re-copy the description and keywords on all pages. If your site is built in more foreign languages, you can change the flag to insert the meta tag title, description and keywords in each language. Remember to always save before moving on to the language or to the next page.

Link to Google Analytics

You will be useful at this point to link your site to Google Analytics.

connected to http://www.google.it/intl/it/analytics/

click on create account and enter your gmail account

click on manage site and add the url of the site

detects the id number has the following format: UA-XXXXX-Y)

connected on flazio.com>dashbord>open statistics> other services

The Google Analytics enter your id code and confirm by clicking on the green dot that will appear.

Frequent updates to the content and rename the images with keywords before uploading them on the site;

it is essential that other sites and social networks (Google +) to have links to your site.

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