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The main function of menu is to provide your customers with a means of immediate and simple to navigate your web site: for this reason, the most important function of the menu is the link. The inclusion of links on the menu is the same as the text, buttons, and images.

Click on the icon chain present on the edit bar to access the panel of the Link:


  • by Linking to an existing page of the website, you can create a link to another page of your website.


Click on advanced Options for other types of links:

  • ​ connect the text to an external link, or to another web site;
  • scroll up to the’App present on the same page. In this case, you will need to select, from the list, the App to use as the anchor of your link. I advise you to use the functionality Levels to quickly find the right App.



If you create a page from Manage Pages, or you have deleted a menu item, you can turn a page into a menu item. To do this, click and drag the page from the Manage Pages directly inside the App Menu.



To Know: when creating a menu item, you will not need to create the page and add the link: the entry will be correctly linked to a page with the same name as the item. Then use the link function only if you have first created the page, or if you want to change the link associated with the entry.



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