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To enable the version Mobile click on the wheel settings on the right side of your editor. You can decide whether to choose the desktop version or mobile site.

If you click on mobile version, the grids are automatically adapted to the standard size of the smartphone. Attention: everything that you add, modify or delete in the moving part will also change on the desktop version and vice versa.

However, there are some applications that, in the mobile version, have specific features:

  • Menu: the menu application can be modified specifically for the mobile version of the website by clicking on the menu modification bar and on the wheel icon. At the bottom will be available the mobile feature that will turn the menu into a button. You can set a background for opening the menu when the button is clicked.
  • Text: you can change the font size of the text by clicking on the text application edit bar and on the A + and A- icons to increase and decrease the size of the entire text in pixels.

Remember: to put on line the mobile version, click on the wheel settings, and then click on the mobile view.

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