GENERAL | Create a reserved area

Create a private area on the site is a feature reserved for customers who choose the Pro version and that allows you to make some pages accessible only to a group of users. Click on the icon wheel in the right side of the Editor, and select the panel Protection pages.


On Pages you can choose which pages you want it to be private. You just have to click on the padlock icon that you see at the page.

On Groups you can create a group that is granted access to the private area. Click the Add a new group, type the name and click the check mark to save.

On Users you can add or delete users to the group. Just click on Add a new user, enter a user name, password, and set the group membership. Save by clicking on the tick or to delete, click the trash icon.

To know: to create a private area within the site can be useful in many cases. For example, when you have the need to show proposals, or sensitive information only to some categories of users such as business partners, "vip clients" or only to the administrators of the site.

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