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The app Banners allows you to earn from the outset by inserting advertising on your site. Go to the AppStore and select the category Banner, choose among various formats and drag and drop the items that you wish in your work area. The banners differ in size, shape, and direction. In auto, the banner will be filled with an ad of one of our advertisers and you will start earning. To monitor your earnings you just need to go on the right side of your editor, click on the Dashboard, and then click Open Earnings. From the screen you can check your revenues on a daily basis, vary depending on the click and the value assigned by the advertisers. You can cash out your earnings to the achievement of 50,00 euro.

By clicking on the Collect immediately, you can choose the repayment method between bank transfer or account Paypal.

To know: the maximum number of advertising spaces on a page of the site, which is 3 banners with different sizes. You may also select the formats based on the structure of the page, in such a way that the banner makes it difficult to read the parts that make up the site.

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