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And' possible to make a copy and paste of multiple items?How do I change the template?Once I created my site with Flazio, should I buy a domain to be able to publish on line? If I create my free site with the Free version, can I then upgrade to Professional without having to create it again?I have not received the related email for the invoices for my account Professional of Flazio, but I would need the invoices relating to the last payment. You can receive them in any case?AntonioHow appropriate an app to the screen size?How do I see the entire image on the thumbnail of your blog?Where do I insert the Script code of an external item?How to fixed the position of an element of my site?I have seen that the initial page is to choose according to your models, but: can be modified or replaced? For management you need a special program?There is not a manual of management (update, insert, photo, bubblicare, etc) Then in the name of the domain will be www ? With the support from the to which company and with which the annual charge. On the site appears to be advertising required? I would be even more easy if I forniste a professional site already assembled, made by your designer and a manual to be able to make changes and manage it. Of course, in this case, I do not claim the free'.With the occasion, kind regardsA.Can I rename the entries of the men??Can I create a button with a link?Can I change my site as well as maintaining online the current version?How do i import content from Facebook?Because? the images are not loaded correctly?Can I change the name of my site?How do I add a new item to my site?Because? when I pass the mouse on the voices of the men? or links I can not click?Can I change the link to the voices of the men??In my site I have created a News section. As you can connect to the management of the Blog?Can I filter my blog categories?
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