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How do I delete my sites?Can I change the mode? payment?How do I delete the images from the component Slideshow?How do I delete the images?Where can I find the scroll button to insert it in the bottom of the page to return to the top?How do I set shipping prices?It is possible to insert an external link through the navigation bar, or transform an image / text in the button which is associated to a link?I registered to Facebook and I do not have the password to access the site, how can I retrieve the password to my account?How do I change the size of an element of my site?How do I create a page of courtesy for my web site?As I optimize my site in the key to SEO?Can I have simple information to create a web site?How do I add a link to a photo?Come inserisco un Widget?Good morning.I would like to report a problem with the use of outlook for e-mail.I set the account as IMAP by following the instructions on the site Flazio.Every time at the opening of the program is displayed: ?Messages of Internet security ? Cannot verify the security certificate used by the server to which the user is connected. Target principal name is incorrect. Continue to use the server??There is a button that says ?View certificate...?Thanks.Best regardsWhich ? my password if I logged in via Facebook?Can I put in the e-commerce website with password?How can I rename the components?How do I add an image to my website?Because? I can not click on some of the components in the view?
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