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The Advanced Tutorials of Flazio

You have not found the video guide is right for you? Search below and find the answers that our support has already provided to many other users.

If you can't find a complete answer specific to your needs, please email us!

Because? visitors to my site do not display correctly the texts of the website?How should I set the parameters to add the cost of shipping?How do I start from the content on my profile Facebook or on the page?After you have created a website through Flazio with my account, I can decide to do it manage by another person?How do I choose a model?How do i import content from Facebook?Once I created my site with Flazio, should I buy a domain to be able to publish on line? If I create my free site with the Free version, can I then upgrade to Professional without having to create it again?Because? my site ? properly viewable for mobile?How can I create a sottomen??I would like to use FLAZIO to the creation of my website. The goal ? create an e-commerce site, which should make the site showcase. Which of Your options can I choose? Can I use the free version?How do I add text to my site?Can I take a backup of my site?How do I order manually the products of my e-commerce?How do I add an image to my website?I carried out the procedures for the migration of my site. When will it be available?Can I change the mode? payment?Can I copy an item to another page?How do I create space on the page to insert new content?Because? my images lose quality? when I load them on my site?How do I add a link to an image?
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