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With Flazio's Drag and Drop technology, building your website is a breeze!

Thanks to the Flazio Appstore, you can add any element, like a new text, a photogallery, a map or a contact form.


Where: the Appstore is always at your disposal in the upper left corner. Click on the icon to open the Appstore and start looking for the apps that make up your website.

What: select one of the many applications to add and customize as you wish. The basic components correspond to the fundamental elements of a site, such as the navigation menu, the text or the photogallery. Applications are categorized to make it easier for you to find what's right for you. The number and variety of Apps present will allow you to create a site rich in content and functionality.


For example, you can create an e-commerce by adding the product screen component that allows you to access the e-commerce management, upload your products and immediately start selling.


Also, you will not be hard pressed to give your site a social soul through links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube and LinkedIn.


If you still do not know how to start creating your website, check out our website how to create a website to get some practical tips and on the basics to create an effective website.

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