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Each portion of the text on your website can be linked to a different page, to an external website or to another App on the same page, as of yet.

Double-click on the’App-text: in the top you will see the toolbar customization.

Click on the icon chain to access the panel of the Link:


  • by Linking to an existing page of the website, you can create a link to another page of your website.


Click on advanced Options for other types of links:

  • ​ connect the text to an external link, or to another web site;
  • in a mail so that all users who have configured an email client such as Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird, they can immediately contact you via your e-mail address;
  • scroll up to the’App present on the same page. In this case, you will need to select, from the list, the App to use as the anchor of your link. I advise you to use the functionality Levels to quickly find the right App.

Remember: sometimes you may believe that the link you inserted does not work. Most probably you forgot to select the portion of text to which you want to add the link: the selection of the text is necessary because otherwise linkeresti the entire contents of the App Text. If you use a single word or a short phrase in the link entirely, I would recommend using the App Button, that is present in the AppStore, the Buttons category.

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