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The lyrics are the most important part of your website: not only your visitors to read your content, but also Google will show your website among the search engine results according to the quality and relevance of your texts.


For this reason, it is necessary to add several App Text to your website: you can tell something about you and your online activities; provide descriptions about the history of your company or detailed information about your products; you can add texts to the accompaniment to match the photographic images, and wallpapers that depict your skills and your work.


Add text to your web site is very simple: clicca the text category inthe Appstore on the left and t anddrag one of the formatting styles that are already preset for your web site in the work area.


For example, Selecting the text TITLE to add the H1 Tag, i.e. the text that is of greater importance to Google inside your own page.

For more information on the proper placement of H1 Tags and all the necessary information to write your lyrics in the key of SEO, check out our video course on search engine optimization of your website.

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