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Flazio allows you to create an extraordinary corporate website in just a few clicks, even if you are not a programmer and have never created a website in your life.


Activities like yours have chosen Flazio


Take your business online.


Creating a site for your business will be easy!
Choose a template from our templates, modify it as you like and you are online right away!

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Thanks to our powerful marketing tools, your site will be scoring high on search-ranking on google, bing or any other searchengine.


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A corporate website created with Flazio allows you to create a devastating competitive advantage and bring your business to a higher level.

What is your business?

Whether you have a restaurant, a B&B, a shop or a service company, with Flazio you will always find a model ready to create a wonderful corporate site without writing a single line of code.

How much does it cost to create a website for any giving activity??  

Until recently, the creation of a corporate website was a long, expensive and difficult task to complete.
In fact, it was necessary to:

Secure budgets for web-agency and/or programmers
Initiate RPF's (request for price) and choose one from the many offers received
Wait for months for programmers to create your own website.

And the cost?
We talk about thousands and thousands of euros.

But fortunately, this is now no longer the case as, 



With Flazio you can create the website for your business FREE
You will no longer need programmers, and
You will be able to create your site for free, with just a few clicks.


How to create a professional website?
Simple, with Flazio!

  1. Choose your favorite template from over one hundred templates created for you by our designers.
  2. Upload your logo, your photos, and your content.
  3. Find new customers thanks to our integrated marketing tools.

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No activation or management costs are required. With Flazio creating a site is not just simple, it is also free.
And it will be forever!​

+100 Ready templates
to use


It's ready! Add Content, Images, and Photos: You can customize each element to 100% to reflect your identity and your business.


Sell or receive bookings from around the world!

With ecommerce or booking extensions you can use your site to sell products or receive bookings from visitors and potential customers from

Translate your own
Site with a click!

IDo you want to translate your site into multiple languages?
Enable multilingual function and automatically translate content with a click. So you do not have to recreate the
Your boss site every time.

Perfect for even
Smartphone and tablet

With Flazio you will be able to create the mobile version of your site in two clicks.
So it will be perfectly navigable by
Any device: PC, Smartphone and Tablet!

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