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How to create website

with Flazio


Thanks to Flazio technology you can build the website that you have always wanted. You don't need neither to write a line of code nor to install anything in your PC to build your stunning website: with Flazio you add, drag&drop and customise any web element you need in a few clicks.


Hundreds of custom  templates for Website​

Have you found the right template for your activity? You can start creating your website straightaway. You can keep the original template as it is and fill it with your content or use the template as a starting pointing to build your professional website: you can modify 100% of your website, element by element. Experience the freedom, for free!

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An awesome website in just 1 click:

your Social Networks will do the trick!

Import your content from Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to build a complete website. If you want an effortless and read-to-rock online presence, try our Facebook application: Flazio will automatically import your content creating a complete and fully custom website that you can then edit by using Flazio drag&drop technology. 

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aggiornare sito web

Your changes are

automatically online

Update and modify your website: Flazio will automatically save any change you make. Flazio is equipped with an innovative technology that automatically saves your current work. No effort needed on your side: you can update your website whenever you want, 24X7.

You just need a PC and an internet connection: visit, login with your credentials and update your project as many times as you wish.

sito ottimizzato per mobile

A custom website optimized for Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone

You can build a custom website that is optimized for any screen, ​thanks to the desktop and mobile editors . With Flazio you can create a free website with superpowers: a special editor is available to you, to adapt your website for smaller screens. Your visitors can easily reach your website by using their smartphones and tablets: everything will be automatically adapted to smoothly fit the screen.

sito primo sui motori

Improve Site Ranking

Enter descriptions and keywords: we will take care of everything else.

Flazio lets you build a stunning website by inserting keywords, titles and descriptions to increase your ranking on the search engines

We'll take care of letting Google & Co. know about every edit you make on textboxes,

images and photos on your website: update and add new content to your website and we'll make it fly high

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Learn more about your visitors

Flazio Stats: Discover more about what your visitors do

Have you built a site with Flazio? You can then access the statistics of your website visitors: from the daily number of users to average visit time, geographic location and the most searched keywords. 

Are you more demanding?

It is possible to integrate Google Analytics and Shinystat services to get a 360° view of all the visitors data visiting your website.

Are you ready to reach customers from all over the world?

Thanks to the multilanguage functionality you can make your website ready to be launched all over the world. Flazio gives you all the tools you need to add new languages to your website and to reach many new customers. You just need to drag & drop "Multilanguage" component to your website, then you can just concentrate on translating texts: no need to recreate your website from scratch.

Your Website has a Social Spirit

A website built with Flazio is automatically integrated with the major social networks. Integrating your website with the most famous social networks such as Facebook and Twitter lets your visitors retweet, like and share content directly from your website: their friends will notice that and, in turn,  will be more eager to share the same content.  Thanks to social network integration you can reach more and more visitors: generate new leads for your online business is a piece of cake.

Create ecommerce website and sell online

With Flazio everything is easier than ever: even create ecommerce website! You can add categories for your products, make them available to everybody

or private, manage your shipments, promo codes and everything you need to create a beautiful online shop.

​Every Credit Card
Buying products is effortless for your visitors: they can seamlessly buy with credit, debit or prepaid cards by using Paypal facility.

Sell directly from Social Networks
You can easily integrate your online shop directly into Facebook to dramatically boost your online sales!

Safe transactions
Flazio guarantees the safest online transactions possible thanks to a full integration with Paypal, the industry leader for

online payments. 

All your products in just a few clicks
Insert your products in your websites in the easiest way possible. Load photos, insert a description and create a category: a perfect online shop is just a few clicks away.

Earn online

Add advertising banners to your website and start earning today! 
When you ad a new Ad Banner App to your website it will be automatically filled with advertisements coming from Flazio advertising partners.

You can choose size and position for your banners and start earning immediately depending on your banners daily views and clicks.

guadagni banner pubblicit?

Find out how to create the website for your business

PRO Website Features


Flazio is an all-in-one solution which includes everything you need

to build a Professional  website.

A Custom Domain

Choose between a lot of extensions

(.com, .net, .org, and many others) 

the right one that fits your business.

5 PRO mailboxes - 5 GB 

5 mailboxes that will add a more

professional touch to 

your communication.

A Powerful E-Commerce

Increase your online sales creating an attractive shop for your products using a super-simple e-commerce panel.

email professionali

Unlimited Space

Insert all the content you want

with no storage limit. Add your photos, PDFs and so on, no need to worry!


Know more about your customers such as their location, number of daily visits

and much more.

Full Backup for your Website

You can save a website backup. You may

return back to the old website if you're

not happy with the latest changes.

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backup sito
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Advanced SEO

Manage header & body metatags, add your favicon and integrate with google search console for a perfect SEO.

HTML & Script

Are you an HTML expert?

You can add your code to the website and

make it really powerful!

Newsletter Manager

A real newsletter engine that lets you

create and distribute professional

email to your customer.

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script html css

A custom and 

open-ended structure

​​You can create a fully custom website with

your code by using HTML app.

Flazio lets you create a beautiful website that perfectly fits your wishes! You can add even more features by adding HTML/Javascript code. We give you the most

absolute freedom to customise your website.

iframe script sito

Our Powerful Servers. For You.

Flazio servers are constantly optimized for your best experience 

​in terms of technology, safety and performance.

Great safety

We keep our server software up to date with the latest software versions to guarantee the maximum degree of security. You can just concentrate on

your website: your data are definitely

in good hands!

Fast servers

​We use SSD as our preferred technology for storage devices. The difference between standard disk drive technologies (like SATA) and SSD is the possibility to store huge quantity of data, without using mechanic parts. Your website will load really fast!

Automatic compression

Flazio will automatically compress all the multimedia elements (photo, audio, video) that you will add to your website. 
You will have more space for your pages and your website will load a lot faster. Your visitors (and the search engines) will appreciate!

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