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A Professional mail address is a very important factor to communicate with your customers.
Here are some key points. 

"A Sender is the Message" 
Professional emails with your custom domain make your emails look more professional.
Everyone can create free-of-charge mail accounts using services such as GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on.
An e-mail with a custom domain is unique: your customers will recognize it between all the emails filling your mailbox. By recognizing your name, communication will improve and customers will recognize you and your brand. 

"One for all and all for one" 
Using different mailboxes can improve the dynamics of your communication.nYou can divide all incoming requests: for example in your website footer you can add a mail like info@yourdomain.com: it will be the first touch point with your new customers. You can create more specific emails to be connected to contact forms in different sections of your website. 
If your company has more employees you can assign mailboxes to different people (example john.doe@yourdomain.com) so that each one of them can create a one-to-one confidential channel with your customers. 

"Power is nothing without control" 
You can manage all your emails from within Flazio Editor control panel under "Website Management".
From "Email Manager" panel you can create, delete your mailboxes as well as modify your password.nnYou can access your mailboxes using your email clients (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail, Gmail) by setting configuration data or accessing the Flazio webmail directly from your browser, by accessing your URL http://mail.yourdomain.com .


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