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30/10/2017, 13:57

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 Have you ever thought about translating your website into other languages? With Flazio it’s easy and you can get new customers right now!

Create a website is already a great step for any business: but it is only when the website becomes multilingual that it is finally possible to take full advantage of the potential of the web.

A multilingual website allows you to reach multiple users around the world, widening the flow of visitors and thus increasing the number of people who complete a purchase or, more generally, a goal on the site (like subscribing to the newsletter, filling out a form, opening a page, or any other behavior of the users in our website).

The easiest way to double your website traffic is to add a new language, allowing users in another country. to find the content of your website on Google.

With Flazio you can add up to 25 languages: being visible on Google searches across the globe will allow you to multiply the traffic of your website.
Supported languages ​​are: Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovenian, Romanian, Swedish, English, Turkish, Polish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Malay, Brazilian, Norwegian , Danish, Czech.

Flazio provides a simple and fast automatic translation tool that will, with a simple click, automatically translate into any language of all the contents of the website. The automatic translation tool will keep your website updated as it will translate all the changes you make to the website. For example, when you add a new page to the menu called "About Us", in English you will find the button "About us" and you will not have to do anything.

Of course, you can work on website translations in a classic way by attending a native speaker consultant to translate or correct the content. An advanced content translation panel displays the contents in the original language on the left and on the right the contents in the translated language. With this approach it is really convenient and easy to keep track of all the content of the website.

To make the site perfect for foreign visitors, Flazio also translates elements that are not simple text. For example, you can indicate a video for each language.
Even with regard to Flazio’s advanced features, linked to the booking engine for hotels and e-commerce for online stores, you can automatically translate products, rooms, properties, and all the contents of the management.

25/09/2017, 15:13

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 Having a website is crucial to anyone who can promote their online business, and if it becomes compulsory for companies?

We know that having a website today is crucial to anyone. A website allows you to multiply a company’s turnover and in 2017 not having a website is equivalent to opening a shop without exposing a luminous sign.

A website may have such an impact on a company’s turnover, which if considered nationally, becomes a requirement that can make a difference to a country’s economy.

And Italy is certainly not a dumper in this. 40% of companies do not have a website.
Even innovative startups do not stand out with regard to digital propensity, as 25% of them do not seem to exist on the network, and this is a paradox for an innovative company (these days Flaxio has partnered with StartupItalia to provide all the innovative Italian startups with a complete web site by the end of the year, an action to wipe out that unbearable percentage from the Italian curriculum).
For Italy this is a delay that has incredible especially when compared to European standards. Still, there is no surrender, the figure seems to be growing compared to 2013 when only 30% of Italian companies had a website.

Today, there are no more excuses, having a professional web site has become a simple task that takes a few minutes and zero effort. In this digitalization process, Flazio.com is the leader in providing Italian companies and professionals with a completely free solution to go online within minutes. With over 250,000 websites created for Italian professionals and companies, Flazio.com is certainly one of the actors that is bringing the country online.

Some states have even advanced law proposals abroad to make the web site compulsory, as was the case for PEC in Italy.
In Italy, for condominiums, this scenario is already partly true, with Law L.220 of 11/12/2012 which provides, if requested by condominiums, the obligation for an administrator to activate a website of the condominium through which be able to consult the condominium documents, suppliers, and expenses.

The common goal is always the same: to streamline bureaucracy, to make the relationship with customers faster and more transparent, and perhaps offer some more service.
It would not be surprising if in the coming months this powerful tool Italian companies are not yet fully exploiting becomes a fundamental requirement.
14/09/2017, 18:41

iPhoneX, compatibilit sito web, sito web mobile friendly, incompatibilit sito web.


 When a new iPhone or smartphone comes out, compatibility problems with your website are lurking: but there is a way to make the website always compatible and up to date.

Here’s the new iPhone X, the most expensive ever. But if the price may seem high, this is counterbalanced by a completely new technology recipe: the device is equipped with facial recognition, wireless recharge, and hardware resources to envy the best workstations.

The story is repeated, with the release of new devices, new operating systems, and new browsers, the problems of incompatibility with the display of websites are behind the doors. It’s not uncommon for a site, even recently built, to be incompatible with new devices just released on the market, causing visual errors and problems with user browsing experience. This generally happens when, who has dealt with the creation of the website, uses deprecated instructions or solutions, even though the various manufacturers have already announced that they will no longer be supported. Some freelancers and web agencies do not pay much attention to the fact that an education is deprecated or not, and suddenly, with the release of a new device, the instructions contained in the website code are no longer interpreted by the browser, causing there are several problems: unseen texts, non-clickable buttons, contact forms that do not send mail, slideshows that do not flow, and so on.

If you think that there are over 50 smartphone manufacturers in the world, each with at least 10 marketed models, on which you can choose to use between 5 different browsers, then we get 2500 different combinations, a number that rises if we consider that a website must also be compatible not only with the universe of smartphones but also with all desktop PCs. In short, for those who create websites, monitoring all these variables is certainly not a joke.

This problem that seems insurmountable, finds its solution in Flazio, a free and cloud service that allows you to create a site without worrying about the code. With Flazio, creating a website is just as easy as using PowerPoint to create a multimedia presentation.

And the code? Think of all the platform that automatically uses cloud code constantly monitored by Fladio’s computer engineers. Any errors are corrected immediately and simultaneously on all instances that use Fazio technology.
In this way, the experience of developing each site is shared and shared with other experiences of other users. With the Flazio platform in a nutshell, correcting a bug, operated by Flazio at a higher abstraction level, will solve the problem instantly on all instances running and will prevent other users in the future from experiencing the same problem.

With Flazio technology to date, 250,000 websites have been created, many of them with at least a thousand visitors every month, and here’s 250,000,000 users every month use code from different devices, mobile and desktop, different operating systems , different browsers: hence, any incompatibility on one of these mobile devices would attract the attention of the Fazio team, which would solve the problem on all instances. Thanks to this constant update, no website will become obsolete.


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30/10/2017, 13:57


Have you ever thought about translating your website into other languages? With Flazio it’s easy and you can get new customers right now!

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25/09/2017, 15:13


Having a website is crucial to anyone who can promote their online business, and if it becomes compulsory for companies?

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14/09/2017, 18:41


When a new iPhone or smartphone comes out, compatibility problems with your website are lurking: but there is a way to make the website always compatible and up to date.


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