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What is Flazio.com?

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Flazio.com is  an Italian best-in-class website builder with a passionate idea in mind: make everyone able to easily create a website to promote a business or a professional activity. 

You don't need to write any code: with a pixel-perfect visual technology, best known as ​"What you see is what you get", there are no limits to your creativity. Our young team of coders, web designers and marketing analysts is to meet Flazio's primary goal:helping you to create your beautiful website! 


About Us


Elisa Fazio - Co-Founder, CEO & CFO

Elisa Fazio, born in 1981, initially took a degree in engineering. After working for important multinational firms like Accenture and others, she mainly operated in the development of Geographic Information Systems. After a few years she has decided to become an enterpreneur together with his brother Flavio. She's currently the CEO and CFO for Flazio.com.


Flavio Fazio - Co-Founder and CTO​​

Flavio was born in 1989. He is a professional web designer, and started coding at the age of 13. Very focused in the creation of web projects for the hospitality business, he received many european prizes. He started creating Flazio, the innovative web application that makes everyone able to create his own website, when he was barely 16. Flavio is today vice president and CTO of the company.

Our Team




The Project Starts

Flazio software is ready for internal testing.

In December Flazio.com beta version is online! 


March 2012​ / 

Meeting our first investors

Our network grows.

Angel Investors are interested in investing in Flazio to make it grow.


May 2012 / 

Wind business Factor

Flazio is selected for the final phase of Wind Business Factor.


July 2012 / 

Mind The Bridge Italy Tour 

Flazio wins Mind The Bridge Italy Tour and fly to Silicon Valley: Flavio, Flazio founder, has strenghtened the product and the commercial contacts thanks to the new international networking.


Septembre 2012 / 


Elisa e Flavio Fazio founded Flazio S.r.l company


April 2013 / 

Best Practices prize

Flazio is selected for Best Practices prize for innovative startups. We have been able to participate to Working Capital Funding Pitch together with investors from Kauffman Society.


March 2014 / 

100,000 Websites

One hundred thousand wonderful websites: this is the number of incredible SMEs, professional and freelancers who has chosen our platform.


October 2014 / 

Flazio @ Webit - Istanbul

Flazio participates to Webit, the international fair where tech companies and telcos meet from more than 100 countries in the world.

November 2014 / 

Flazio @ "Di martedì" TV show 

Flavio ed Elisa Fazio have been interviewed on Tv during the famous italian show “Di Martedì”, presented by Giovanni Floris.

February 2015 / 

Flazio @ Mobile World Congress

Flazio goes to Spain to show the new mobile functionality: an innovative feature that enables 

everyone to create a stunning website which is optimized for both desktop and mobile users. 


June 2015 / 

Flazio Advertising on TV

A succesful Tv spot has been launched in italian television  together with a renovated online campaign.

October 2015 / 

Flazio wins Unicredit Start Lab prize

After winning "Start Lab" prize Flazio started a close co-operation with Unicredit, the most important bank group in Europe.

December 2015 / 

"Don't create your website" campaign goes viral

Online creative campaign "Don't create your website" which shows the nasty effects of those who choose to create an online website, goes viral!

February 2016 / 

Project Launch "L'Italia va Online"

The project aims to reduce the digital gap between Italy and the rest of Europe and helping SMEs to create an online presence.


March 2016 / 

Flazio @ World Hosting Days

We have a lot of new features to show to the world and we chose the best possible place where to present them: a stand in the most important world fair dedicated to hosting, "World Hosting Days" at Rust.

July 2016 / 

Flazio in partnership with Dada Group

Partnership Dada Group. Dada started to resell

using the product name “Simply”

September 2016 / 


We decided to propose a cash back to our VC, to let us to propose investments to hosting providers.

October 2016 / 

Flazio win Smart&Start investment

February 2017 / 

Flazio selected for H2020


May 2017 / 

Flazio in partnership with Tiscali Group

Partnership Tiscali Group. Tiscali started to resell

using the product name "Tiscali MySite"

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