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How to create a Website

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 How to create a website?

  1.  Choose your template  from  hundreds created for you by our professional web designers.
  2. Upload your logo, your pictures and your contents. 
  3. Customize your template and add new sections, like contact form and Google Maps
  4. Write High-Quality contents or select some preset texts.
  5.  Promote your website with our marketing and SEO tools.

Custom Templates just for your site!

Choose your template and customize it by using a best-in-class Drag&Drop technology: you can modify whatever detail of your template.

Choose Your Style and You're Online!

Hundreds of custom templates: whatever is your business, we have what you need!


Create Your Mobile Friendly Website

Thanks to Flazio Mobile editor, you can create a website for your mobile devices. A perfect user-experience is what your customer is waiting for you, with Flazio it's a breeze! 

Why choose Flazio to create your website?

We have everything you need to create a custom and professional website.

Hundreds of templates, a single style: yours! 

Choose a template that fits with your business. You can customise every aspect of your website to reflect your identiy and your business.  

Improve Site Ranking

With SEO panel you can configure the right keywords for your website to rank high. Flazio will make your content lightweight so to greatly improve website load time.

No technical knowledge required

You don't need to code to create your awesome website. Thanks to the "drag & drop" technology you can move  every web element anywhere you want! 

Optimized for any desktop and mobile device

We give you the tools to create websites that adapt themselves to any device. With Flazio you can create perfect websites for desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

Find out how to create the website for your business


Websites created with Flazio.com

Whoever you are, Flazio is your website builder!

Flazio is the perfect solution for companies, professionals,  freelance, and, in general,

for those who need to manage their websites in a simple way.


For you​​

Create a complete website by

importing your content from social networks

Share your ideas with a blog

Update your website by yourself!


Your competence,

online in a few step

Keep your client a faithful 

customer with the newsletter

Generate new lead with 

Search Engine Optimization


A beautiful showcase

for your activity

A complete e-commerce solution

in a few clicks

A multilingual functionality

to sell all over the world


Connect Flazio to your social networks

You can import and synchronize contents (text and images) directly from Facebook: your website will be created and synchronized automatically.

You don't need to do anything at all: Flazio will take care of everything!


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