12/05/2017, 18:42


 Prima di pubblicare il tuo sito sul web è utile verificare il tuo sito con un checkup su SEO, versione mobile e usabilità. Flazio lo fa per te!

Ok, the site is over. It’s all right, we can launch!
Wait ... Are you sure that’s really all right?
There are many details to consider before your web project goes online: site usability, mobile version, search engine optimization.
Just to ignore any detail, Flazio provides a new useful tool "Checking Your Site" that performs a complete check and tells you what to do, giving you the exact instructions you can follow to improve your results on the web.
Here are the areas of improvement for your site:

This section of your check-up examines how you can improve your site to be more appealing to search engines. For example, verify that all relevant fields such as "Title and" Description "are filled, check the presence of the" alt "tag on the images and that there are no broken links.

The existence of the mobile version on your site is verified. We remind you that in addition to providing a better browsing experience, an optimized mobile site has more chances to rank better on search engines.

Among the things you see in this section, the presence of multiple languages ​​and any untranslated texts. A check is made to the presence of "404", that is, the page to which you have redirected when the address is not written correctly or the page does not exist.

In the domain section, you will be verified if you have a valid security certificate to make your site secure with HTTPS, and if you’ve protected your brand by purchasing domains on other extensions.

This section verifies the presence and activation of professional mail, an indispensable tool to communicate with your customers best.

The check-up system verifies here that you have created a backup of your site: if you own and make any changes that you then regret, you can restore the version that you previously saved.

From here you can check for, among other things, the presence of blank pages and texts that are not inserted, which can annoy users’ browsing. There is also a check on the presence of the contact form, which is essential for each activity to interact with their customers.

In the general section, find a summary of all the tests. In green you find the tests passed correctly, in yellow the ones that require attention, in red those that should be corrected.
To check-up your site, click on "Site Manager" (gear icon) on the right in the editor and then on the "Checkup" button.
What are you waiting for? It’s time to do a full check-up of your site!


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Fai un check-up al tuo sito e rendilo perfetto!

12/05/2017, 18:42


Prima di pubblicare il tuo sito sul web è utile verificare il tuo sito con un checkup su SEO, versione mobile e usabilità. Flazio lo fa per te!


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