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Become a Flazio partner and begin to earn

with the best-in-class website builder.

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With our affiliation program, you can link to Flazio using your channels (website or direct) and we'll recognize a commission for each user registered coming from you. The user will obtain a discount when purchasing a PRO account.

How it works

Contact us to sign an agreement contract and you will receive a coupon code: with this code your customers will purchase a PRO account with a discounted price, and we'll be able to track it in order to pay your commission. The commission percentage depends on the customer volume.


Using the coupon the customer will receive a 10% discount on the annual version and you will receive a up to 30% commission, based on purchase volume. You can sell whenever you want: there's no time limit. 

The more your purchase volume will be, the more you will earn from transactions. 




Join Flazio Reseller program, creating wonderful websites for your customers. You'll be entitled for a 30% discount for every PRO account you activate, and you can sell the websites to your customers as a turnkey solution. 

How it works

Contact us to request the reseller agreement contact. You will receive a coupon code that will entitle you to buy every website for 69€/year instead of 99€/year. You can create a perfect site for your customer, setting the price you want. You can manage all your website from within a unique account.


Using your personal promo code you can purchase PRO accounts with a 30% discount. PRO version includes: personal domain name, 5 5GB mailboxes, unlimited hosting, e-commerce, booking engine and other advanced apps.





Create your Site Builder with your Brand and choose who you are: a DIY platform or a turnkey solution provider! Whether you are a web agency or a hosting provider, Flazio Site Builder Builder provides with a fully white label innovative platform that your customers will love.

How it works

Connect to and register for free. Using a powerful panel you can customize your site builder by adding your logo and choosing the pricing you want.

We'll provide you with a login panel and a CRM to monitor your customer's activities.


Using a personal coupon you can buy professional accounts for your customer with a 30% discunt for the yearly subscription. PRO account includes a personal domain, 5 5GB emails, unlimited hosting, e-commerce, booking and all the advanced apps inside Flazio.


Your Site Builder with your Brand

Flazio platforms is a off-the-shelf platform ready to be integrated with external billing system and the most used provisioning platforms. 

If you need more in-depth help, our Integration Team is avaible for custom changes and integrations.


Our Top Reseller

Who already chose us


We have a super-high 

Free to Pro conversion rate,

that is proven in the market.

You can request a 

 "White Label"  

website builder with your brand

for your business.

A control panel to monitor your prospects,

the conversions and the behaviour of your customers.

How much I Earn


Contact us, we'll answer you as soon as possible

Frequently Asked Question

How much can you earn from affiliation partnership?

Affiliate commissions depend on the current licenses activated in a yearly timeframe by using the coupon affiliation code. Commissions can be up to 30% and are paid at the end of the year with a direct deposit.

What is the difference between affiliate and reseller?

Flazio Affiliate is someone who brings traffic to our platform: the end user customer will create the website by himself, purchasing a PRO subscription from Flazio, that will be responsible for first line customer care.

The reseller buys PRO subscriptions directly from Flazio and creates turnkey websites for its customers (deciding the final price to be applied). The reseller is the first line for the customer tickets.

What is the difference between a Reseller and a White Label Site Builder?

The reseller creates and manages customer websites by accessing to In the white label solution, the white label reseller will create a customer site builder with its logo. The end user customers can create their websites by accessing the white label custom portal. 

Who is the reseller program for?

Reseller program has been created for freelance designers and web agencies that wants to adopt a complete and innovative platform to quickly create perfect websites. A reseller can manage all its customers from a central panel by differentiating provisioning data for each domain.

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